Yogg-Saron soloté par Mionelol (Chevalier de la mort)

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ça ne parle pas des démonistes, je vous l’accorde, mais je trouve ses exploits toujours très impressionnant, il s’agit de Mionelol, elle m’a même fait reroll chevalier de la mort à l’époque de Wrath of the lich king et même avoir commencé à soloter des raids tels que Coeur du magma (Breeeef!)

Cette fois-ci, Mionelol s’attaque à l’un de mes boss préféré de l’extension précédente, il s’agit du grand dieu de la mort Yogg-Saron en mode 10 joueurs (Avec 4 gardiens heuresement) Félicitation en tout cas!

Vous pouvez retrouver son blog ici et consulter ses exploits précédent à Ulduar, Naxxramas etc… : http://blog.mionelol.net/

On lui souhaite bonne chance pour son prochain objectif : Le roi-liche !

Et voici la description de cette vidéo par Mionelol sur Warcraft Movies :

Hi again!

Keeping with my trend of trying to solo everything I can put my hand onto, I went into Ulduar and faced the Old God. As a sidenote, I could clear literally everything in Ulduar except Razorscale (didn’t try since Beta), Thorim (for pretty obvious reasons), and Hodir (which is theorically doable with current gear levels but CBA, it’s nothing more than a race against enrage). Check my YouTube channel if you want to see some of these kills as well as a few others, notably in ICC.
Yogg-Saron is a very, very intensive fight, which necessited multiple hours (7-8+) of wiping, elaborating the perfect strategy, getting the reforging right, praying the RNG gods, as well as understanding some weird mechanics when soloing Yogg.

Any kind of mistake in p2 or p3 is punished almost instantly, involving either : too many brain phases, wiping due to too many tentacles or too many crusher debuffs, wrong tentacle focus, shadow beacon healing, and tons of other possibilities.

I’m doing somewhat « badly » as long as Sanity is involved in p3 but I have *no* choice but to take tons of risks since I desperately *need* Heart Strike to hit Yogg-Saron with its cleave, and I can’t just stand around doing nothing while waiting for him to cast Lunatic Gaze as well. The 15-min enrage timer, while not super-extra tight, is there for a reason, and I hit it multiple times beforehand (6% and 3% wipes)

The only RNG part of the fight is the tentacle spawn positioning, aside from that there’s close to 0 RNG involved.

Enjoy watching (:

Musics :

  • Machinae Supremacy – Ghost
  • IIDX18 Resort Anthem – The Black Knight
  • Infected Mushroom – Saeed

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