Le Roi liche soloté par Mionelol (Chevalier de la mort)

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ça ne parle pas de démonistes, je vous l’accorde. Mais je trouve que les exploits de la joueuse Mionelol de la grande guilde Silent mérite d’être souligné et félicité. Cette fois ci, elle s’attaque au dernier boss de l’extention de Wrath of the lich king s’agissant bien évidement du Roi liche.

Je vous conseille d’allumer le son car la playlist de Mionelol est toujours très étonnante et agréable a entendre

Vous pouvez consulter ses précédents exploits comme le fameux Yogg-Saron de Ulduar, des exploits a Naxxramas ou bien plus encore sur son blog : http://blog.mionelol.net/

La vidéo du down

Description depuis Youtube :

Ironically, this was going to be my last attempt for tonight… :)

LK’s main challenges are:
1) Practice of cooldown usage in p1. They’re used *very* strictly and if you don’t have that practice, you’ll probably wipe in p1 endlessly (which is what I initially did)
2) surviving transition phases. This is insane and requires, again, extremely precise cooldown management and positioning.
3) Finally, the obvious DPS race. This fight lasted an exact 15 minutes, not a single second more or less – I spent the whole evening wiping between 11 and 12% and finally, finally did it, through more Vengeance stacking and better play on my part (oh .. and maybe a lil bit crit RNG I guess? :p).

There’s no particular clever trick, however, and I honestly think some other solos such as Yogg were *harder* in terms of thinking outside the box. Here I’m basically excecuting the fight as clean as I can, grabbing every possible bit of DPS along the way. However, I didn’t encounter any boss so far that was as exhausting as LK was in terms of raw DPS requirements. Especially since, while I do have tons of 391 gear, I’m still rockin’ little 372 Akirus. ;) If you think DPS requirements aren’t worth of a « challenge », I guess pre-nerf Baleroc/Cho’gall would like a word with you.


Necrotic Plague : cannot target the tank. You need it to clear the ghouls/vrykuls from phase 1, however. The trick is to put an engineer dummy to drop aggro for a split second, LK gives you the plague, outheal it, then proceed. Use either AMS/Chains of Ice or Potion of Purification to remove it/prevent it from affecting you again.
Valks : Buggy as hell. Can’t target the tank, they just mess around. They finally stop eating popcorn and grab me at some point… you’ll have to watch to see when.
Defile : I stand in some of these on purpose in order to increase Vengeance. It has to be done very carefully, since both p2 and p3 are very healing intensive phases (p2 because of Infest which means I can’t dip too low on health, p3 because of vile spirit explosions)
Frostmourne: Yet another mechanic that doesn’t target the tank. Wouldn’t be difficult to overcome in any way whatsoever, but would make beating the enrage impossible, so I guess that’s a good thing it’s not there.
What’s next? It wouldn’t be fun if I already told you everything right? Getting surprised is awesome.


????????? ~ Rapidity is a justice [Author/Circle] – Xi / AQUAELIE
U.N. Owen Was Her (Full ver.)
Driftveil City remix by Dasgust ( http://www.youtube.com/Dasgust , many awesome remixes :3!)

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